Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

It has been a very nice weekend. Yesterday started out with a little stormy weather, which I love. We had a short thundershower roll in yesterday morning, to give us some much needed rain. I got out and tried to get a picture of it, although the picture doesn't really do the storm cloud justice.

Our weather has been so nice for the past couple of weeks - low humidity, temps in the higher 70's, lower 80's, with an occasional dip into the 50's & 60's. Everything has been so green. I just love spring time here in the south. My roses are starting to bloom.

I have spring fever, and I now want to plant some more flowers, and some tomato plants. I would also love an herb garden I have one bay leaf plant that has been hanging on for 4 years now, please its little heart. I always start out with the best of intentions, then the temperature hits the 100 mark, and I lose ALL interest in the outside! LOL Yes, I confess, I'm a high temperature, high humidity weenie.

We had our monthly MS NeedleArts meeting yesterday. It was our normal cozy core group - me, Cynthia, Rissa, and Gloria. Normally Cass is there with us, but she wasn't there yesterday, and she was missed! Cynthia taught a peyote or brick stitch beading project. It is going to be a cover for a bottle. I am having a lot of fun working on it. I think I will try to put a goddess design on it. Last month she taught me the Commanche stitch, and I am going to at least start a project using the Commanche stitch. Even if I don't finish the project, at least I will have practiced the stitch. This is all in preparation for the class I signed up for at the TVR Share A Stitch, which is the regional seminar. It is a beaded wildflower box. I have never done beading work, so I am really enjoying learning these new techniques. And just what I need, another addiction! LOL

We had lots of fun during the meeting. Gloria seemed to be enjoying the beading too. Rissa was her usual hilarious self. I'm afraid Rissa and I got just a little disruptive there at the end, but everyone needs a good belly-laugh now and then. :o) After the meeting, Roger and Ben, husbands of Cynthia and Rissa, joined us for dinner at Logan's. Poor Mark was working, so he missed out on a good steak. It was very good, and I ate myself miserable.

Then I went to the Saturday night group, and Mark joined me there when he got off. He brought pizza, which never lasts long! LOL It was a very small group last night, probably because of the drumming in Lena and the weather. So we just chatted and they ate (because I was still stuffed), then we did a little Reiki on Mark and Katie. It was a very enjoyable circle last night. Gwen and Danny are very special people, and I enjoy their company very much. Danny reached out to Mark while he was having such trouble in the past 6 months, and that means more to me than I can ever say.

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Rissa said...

Glad you were there with us! :)

Disruptive? Moi? Never. :-P