Monday, April 09, 2007

Blah Monday

I really hate Mondays sometimes. Having to go back to work after the weekend, especially such a beautiful weekend like we just had, is just a drag! I just couldn't get myself motivated today. So, shhhhhhhhh, I read knitting blogs all afternoon. I know, I'm so bad! But it did inspire me to give my blog more attention. We will see how long that inspiration lasts.

One of the blogs I read was a sweater KAL, where the participants are trying to knit a sweater a month. I do good to knit two dishcloths a month!! I can't even imagine being able to knit a whole sweater in a month. I would settle for a pair of socks per month! LOL The sweaters were all gorgeous too. One day, I'm going to get ambitious and knit myself a sweater. I don't want to now, because I'm afraid I won't like it once I get finished. I'm heavy, and I'm picky about what I will wear. I have to try things on before I buy them. But one day, maybe.

I've joined a really cool yahoo group crochet group - for little bears and other critters. They are just so cute! Of course, I'm just learning crochet, but this is really fun! And we are doing a mystery critter crochet along. In case you don't know, I am positively addicted to knit alongs, and if it is a mystery, that just doubles my pleasure. So now I am adding a new addiction - crochet alongs. LOL We get a part of the pattern each week. It just started last Monday, and it took me a while to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. But now I'm just crocheting along. I hope to be finished with this part tonight, and if so I'll post a picture. The address of the group is Check them out, they are really cool!

I wish I knew how to post links and cool buttons like I see on other blogs. I could probably figure it out if I took the time to read the help files on blogger. But I would really rather stitch, knit, or crochet. Megan my little webnerd will be home next month, and I'll get her to help me set all that up.

Off to crochet now!

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Rissa said...

I was just thinking I need to knit some leg warmers...I really should get off my backside and go look around for patterns. Or maybe I will crochet some instead! LOL

Oh, and Cynthia tagged you for a meme. ;-)