Monday, April 16, 2007

Bird blessings

We have had another beautiful, cool day today. I am really enjoying this weather!

When I got home from work, I went outside to meditate under my pine trees. I do this most evenings, it helps me to unwind and my head feels clearer. I was enjoying the breeze and all the bird songs (tuning out my crazy barking dogs), when there was lots of rustling in the tree above my head. I opened my eyes, and the tree was full of cedar wax wings! They were all chasing bugs, flitting from branch to branch. There must have been 7 or 8 of them. I had my head tilted back on my chair so I was staring straight up into the tree, and one of the little birds noticed me. He flitted lower, and tilted his head back and forth like he was trying to figure out what I was. He came lower, and lower, until he was so close I could look into his eyes. It was awesome! Of course, the thought of bird poop in the face DID go through my head, but only briefly. :o) I have read that when you meditate, empty yourself of negative energies, and focus on blending with the environment around you, you become less threatening to the wildlife around you. I do believe that is true. I hope my little friends come back for a visit!

Sometimes I wish I didn't have my cat. I would love to put up bird feeders and a bird bath, and invite all my feathered friends into my yard. But I am afraid if I do that it will increase the bird casualties. But, I can't be too mad about that, because I really do love my evil kitty baby.


Rissa said...

Thankfully, Omar is not interested in birds or squirrels. I put out seed in a small feeder and just piled up on the back slab...Wyle Coyote style. I see a lot of little feathered friends. Cedar Wax Wings, Cardinals and Bluebirds seem to be the most frequent visitors. :-) Birds are so cool just going about their birdly business.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it is Rissa on a European keyboard! All is well...will try to talk later. We are safely ensconsced in the Hotel Calandal in Arles. Lots to tell and talk about.