Bird blessings

We have had another beautiful, cool day today. I am really enjoying this weather!

When I got home from work, I went outside to meditate under my pine trees. I do this most evenings, it helps me to unwind and my head feels clearer. I was enjoying the breeze and all the bird songs (tuning out my crazy barking dogs), when there was lots of rustling in the tree above my head. I opened my eyes, and the tree was full of cedar wax wings! They were all chasing bugs, flitting from branch to branch. There must have been 7 or 8 of them. I had my head tilted back on my chair so I was staring straight up into the tree, and one of the little birds noticed me. He flitted lower, and tilted his head back and forth like he was trying to figure out what I was. He came lower, and lower, until he was so close I could look into his eyes. It was awesome! Of course, the thought of bird poop in the face DID go through my head, but only briefly. :o) I have read that when you meditate, empty yourself of negative energies, and focus on blending with the environment around you, you become less threatening to the wildlife around you. I do believe that is true. I hope my little friends come back for a visit!

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have my cat. I would love to put up bird feeders and a bird bath, and invite all my feathered friends into my yard. But I am afraid if I do that it will increase the bird casualties. But, I can’t be too mad about that, because I really do love my evil kitty baby.

Wonderful Weekend

It has been a very nice weekend. Yesterday started out with a little stormy weather, which I love. We had a short thundershower roll in yesterday morning, to give us some much needed rain. I got out and tried to get a picture of it, although the picture doesn’t really do the storm cloud justice.

Our weather has been so nice for the past couple of weeks – low humidity, temps in the higher 70’s, lower 80’s, with an occasional dip into the 50’s & 60’s. Everything has been so green. I just love spring time here in the south. My roses are starting to bloom.

I have spring fever, and I now want to plant some more flowers, and some tomato plants. I would also love an herb garden I have one bay leaf plant that has been hanging on for 4 years now, please its little heart. I always start out with the best of intentions, then the temperature hits the 100 mark, and I lose ALL interest in the outside! LOL Yes, I confess, I’m a high temperature, high humidity weenie.

We had our monthly MS NeedleArts meeting yesterday. It was our normal cozy core group – me, Cynthia, Rissa, and Gloria. Normally Cass is there with us, but she wasn’t there yesterday, and she was missed! Cynthia taught a peyote or brick stitch beading project. It is going to be a cover for a bottle. I am having a lot of fun working on it. I think I will try to put a goddess design on it. Last month she taught me the Commanche stitch, and I am going to at least start a project using the Commanche stitch. Even if I don’t finish the project, at least I will have practiced the stitch. This is all in preparation for the class I signed up for at the TVR Share A Stitch, which is the regional seminar. It is a beaded wildflower box. I have never done beading work, so I am really enjoying learning these new techniques. And just what I need, another addiction! LOL

We had lots of fun during the meeting. Gloria seemed to be enjoying the beading too. Rissa was her usual hilarious self. I’m afraid Rissa and I got just a little disruptive there at the end, but everyone needs a good belly-laugh now and then. :o) After the meeting, Roger and Ben, husbands of Cynthia and Rissa, joined us for dinner at Logan’s. Poor Mark was working, so he missed out on a good steak. It was very good, and I ate myself miserable.

Then I went to the Saturday night group, and Mark joined me there when he got off. He brought pizza, which never lasts long! LOL It was a very small group last night, probably because of the drumming in Lena and the weather. So we just chatted and they ate (because I was still stuffed), then we did a little Reiki on Mark and Katie. It was a very enjoyable circle last night. Gwen and Danny are very special people, and I enjoy their company very much. Danny reached out to Mark while he was having such trouble in the past 6 months, and that means more to me than I can ever say.

Pick four meme

Cynthia tagged me for this meme, so here it is.

Four places I’ve lived:

Four places I have been on vacation:

Four places I want to see:
East coast when the leaves change

Four movies I could (and do) watch over and over:
Something To Talk About
Star Wars – the old ones
Jurassic Park

Four TV shows I love to watch even in reruns:
Dresden Files
American Gothic (I miss that show, and I would watch it if it came back)
The Office (I really know, and have worked with, people like that)

Four websites I visit daily:
My bank account
Crystal Ally daily reading

Four bloggers I read regularly:
Rissa’s Pieces
Dancing My Life Away
Pinkhead – Megan (my daughter, I have to keep up with her some way!)

Four CDs always in my car:
one of Rob Zombie’s
one of Cusco’s
Little River Band’s greatest hits
Moody Blue’s greatest hits

Four songs from my teens/twenties I still love to hear:
Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blye Oyster Cult
Hotel California – Eagles
Keep on Rocking Me Baby – Steve Miller Band
I’m Your Boogie Man – KC & the Sunshine Band

Four novels I like to re-read:
Jurassic Park – Michael Crichton
The Crystal Cave – Mary Stewart
All Creatures Great & Small – James Herriot
The Dragonriders of Pern series – Anne McCaffrey

Four books that changed my outlook:
Ask & It is Given – Jerry & Esther Hicks
Power of Intention – Wayne Dyer
Living with Joy – Sanaya Roman
Awake at Work – Michael Carroll

Four jobs I’ve had in my life:

Four Vehicles I’ve Owned:
1975 Buick Le Sabre – my first car :o)
(can’t remember the year) Mitsubishi Mirage
1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager
2005 Hyundai Tucson

Four Restaurants I’d love to eat at again:
Tex Mex
Macaroni Grill
Two Sisters

Four of my favorite foods:
cheesy, spicy Mexican
cheese pizza

Mystery Critter

Here is part 1 of the mystery critter. I finished it! I have no idea what this might be, but my wild guess is maybe a butterfly. My crazy husband thinks it might be a monkey. Now who but a man could see a monkey in this little grub-like thing??

I think I didn’t crochet it as tight as I should have, but the stuffing isn’t coming out so maybe it will be okay. I’m still very proud of my first attempt at crochet!

Blah Monday

I really hate Mondays sometimes. Having to go back to work after the weekend, especially such a beautiful weekend like we just had, is just a drag! I just couldn’t get myself motivated today. So, shhhhhhhhh, I read knitting blogs all afternoon. I know, I’m so bad! But it did inspire me to give my blog more attention. We will see how long that inspiration lasts.

One of the blogs I read was a sweater KAL, where the participants are trying to knit a sweater a month. I do good to knit two dishcloths a month!! I can’t even imagine being able to knit a whole sweater in a month. I would settle for a pair of socks per month! LOL The sweaters were all gorgeous too. One day, I’m going to get ambitious and knit myself a sweater. I don’t want to now, because I’m afraid I won’t like it once I get finished. I’m heavy, and I’m picky about what I will wear. I have to try things on before I buy them. But one day, maybe.

I’ve joined a really cool yahoo group crochet group – for little bears and other critters. They are just so cute! Of course, I’m just learning crochet, but this is really fun! And we are doing a mystery critter crochet along. In case you don’t know, I am positively addicted to knit alongs, and if it is a mystery, that just doubles my pleasure. So now I am adding a new addiction – crochet alongs. LOL We get a part of the pattern each week. It just started last Monday, and it took me a while to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. But now I’m just crocheting along. I hope to be finished with this part tonight, and if so I’ll post a picture. The address of the group is Check them out, they are really cool!

I wish I knew how to post links and cool buttons like I see on other blogs. I could probably figure it out if I took the time to read the help files on blogger. But I would really rather stitch, knit, or crochet. Megan my little webnerd will be home next month, and I’ll get her to help me set all that up.

Off to crochet now!