Sunday, March 18, 2007


This poem was written by my husband Mark when he first started working on healing trauma he suffered at work. He is a restaurant manager, and he has been robbed several times in the store at gunpoint, he has been shot at while in his truck, and he has had so-called customers threaten him, one even pulled a knife on him. He had a breakdown last September, and he has come such a long way down a very difficult road. I am so proud of him. I love this poem, and he gave me permission to share it on my blog. I think it speaks to what so many of us who have been hurt deep down feel.

I write a letter that no one will read,
I sing a song that no one will hear,
I tell a story that no one believes,
I live a life that no one admires,
I see a light that no one notices,
I touch a stone that can't be felt,
I feel feelings that no one shares,
I absorb guilt that no one claims,
I cling to hope that no one brings,
I lose happiness that no one imagines.
The letter was shredded,
The song shrouded by noise,
The story spun too tight,
The life too tedious,
The light too dim,
The stone too small,
The feelings of loneliness,
The guilt undirected,
The hope for the future,
The happiness unnoticed.
I am still more than I ever was,
I am stronger for all my failures.
No one will take what I envision.
My story, my life, and my love
Are mine to share,
Not to be taken.

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