Sunday, March 04, 2007

Changing my Diet

I have been struggling with my diet for the past several weeks. I started on 2/18 doing a raw food diet. I followed the plan in Alissa Cohen's Raw and Living Food Diet book. The week started out pretty good, and then went quickly downhill to pure hell as my body went through a major detox. Prior to starting this diet I ate mainly carbs, fats, and sugar. I went to nothing but fresh vegetables and fruits. My body went into a major shock, and I was nauseous, had stomach cramps, and well, frankly I was a raving bitch. Ask Mark. You know how in the werewolf movie, when the person is turning into the werewolf and they have just that shred of humanity left, and they look at the person with them and they yell RUN!? Well, that was me. Literally. Ask Mark, or what's left of him anyways. Because your loved one never runs when they should.

So I survived the first week, and I lost 8 pounds.

When I started feeling better, I felt so much better. I tried several different recipes in her book, and liked some, and didn't like some. But I need some bread. I just have to have bread. I tried making several raw alternatives from the raw food book in the dehydrator, and they were all dismal failures. So I looked for a healthy alternative. I found a tortilla wrap at Rainbow Grocery made from Spelt, which I really like, and I added it to my diet, along with some organic flax seed crackers. I also added hummus to my diet. Alissa Cohen doesn't recommend eating beans, but I love them, and I never have any digestive problems from them. Last week I ate hummus, lots of fruits and vegetables along with my wraps and crackers. I did very well until Friday, when we had a cake at work. So I decided, what can one little piece hurt? But you know, that piece of cake made me very sick. I enjoyed it at first, but then it started tasting way too rich, and I got very nauseous. Last night I had cheese at a friend's house, and this morning I have an upset stomach. Which goes to show, in my mind anyway, that this stuff is not really good for me. I like eating the vegetables and fruit. I don't like meat, so that is not hard to give up at all.

And this week I lost 3.5 pounds, for a total so far of 11.5 pounds. And I feel good!


Rissa said...

OMG! Excellent work girl! I remember detoxing off sugar and white flour when I first did stunk...but it felt good when the process was over.

That said, I just can't give up on regular food and expect to stick wtih it. Don't me wrong, you know I dig fruits and veggies!!! But, I need balance. Well, I guess I should say, I need balance and moderation. :-)

Go Lisa!!!

Cyn said...

Well, good for you! I'm glad you found something that is working for you. Processed foods really will be the death of us.