Dishcloth finishes

I have a couple of dishcloth finishes from the Monthly Dishcloth KAL group. This first one is the mid-month cloth for February. I finished it a couple of weeks ago, but Mark had my camera showing off his fish pictures so I couldn’t get a picture of it until now. The yarn is a variegated red, pink, and white – I think it is P&C Strawberry Cream, but I’m not sure because I lost the label.

This one is the March 1st cloth, and I just finished it. It is knitted on the diagonal, which I think is fun to do. The yarn is S&C Hot Green in honor of Spring and St. Patrick’s Day. :o)


This poem was written by my husband Mark when he first started working on healing trauma he suffered at work. He is a restaurant manager, and he has been robbed several times in the store at gunpoint, he has been shot at while in his truck, and he has had so-called customers threaten him, one even pulled a knife on him. He had a breakdown last September, and he has come such a long way down a very difficult road. I am so proud of him. I love this poem, and he gave me permission to share it on my blog. I think it speaks to what so many of us who have been hurt deep down feel.

I write a letter that no one will read,
I sing a song that no one will hear,
I tell a story that no one believes,
I live a life that no one admires,
I see a light that no one notices,
I touch a stone that can’t be felt,
I feel feelings that no one shares,
I absorb guilt that no one claims,
I cling to hope that no one brings,
I lose happiness that no one imagines.
The letter was shredded,
The song shrouded by noise,
The story spun too tight,
The life too tedious,
The light too dim,
The stone too small,
The feelings of loneliness,
The guilt undirected,
The hope for the future,
The happiness unnoticed.
I am still more than I ever was,
I am stronger for all my failures.
No one will take what I envision.
My story, my life, and my love
Are mine to share,
Not to be taken.

What’s new? Not much.

Diet update – I haven’t lost any more weight since I posted last, but I am happily hanging on to the 11.5 pound loss. :o) I haven’t been strict on my diet, but I have been trying to make good choices for the most part. Totally raw is just too hard, but I am sticking with a vegetarian diet. Now it is time to get some exercise back into my daily routing.

My Japanese class ended last Monday. For our last class we met at Tashiro-Sensei’s house for a tea ceremony. It was and is a beautiful ceremony. Her husband acted as the Tea Master, and he explained the meaning behind everything that encompasses the tea ceremony. To sit so still and quiet, to concentrate on the simple beauty of the movements and the tea cup, and to say the simple words of appreciation, brings peace to my mind. It is a form of meditation. Tashiro-Sensei also teaches Ikebana, which is Japanese flower arranging. I signed up for it too. Ikebana is like the tea ceremony, in that the process is designed to slow down the mind and bring it to a place of stillness. Every placement of the flower has a meaning.

I received a scholarship from the Embroidery Guild to further my study of Japanese Embroidery. I am just thrilled! I am going in July to start Phase 2. Of course that means I have to get off my butt and finish Phase 1. LOL My intention is to finish Phase 2 by the end of the year, start Phase 3 in January, and be able to take the Gold Leaf class next March.

I received my Crewel Confidence piece back from Judy Jeroy. She said she tried to find some things to critique because I told her I was enrolled in the Master Craftsman program, but she couldn’t find any. She said I did a wonderful job, which of course makes me feel soooooooooooo good. :o) I am taking a color course from the American Needlepoint Guild. I am trying to learn more about color, and color choices, because that is what seems to have flunked my Master Craftsman project. And I have to admit, I didn’t put any thought into my color choices or placement. I just went with my instinct, and what appealed to me.

Looking out my window, trying to remember if anything else of note has happened to me in the past couple of weeks, I noticed my little fig tree (really a little fig stick) has some tiny green leaves on it. Every year it has a few figs on it, and every year I fight the birds for them. I usually lose. I must not have planted it right, because it hasn’t grown any since we got it several years ago. I must work on being a better plant mother.

My girl-child got her tongue pierced (this is me, rolling my eyes). I just can’t imagine even wanting to do that. You know, when I accidentally bite my tongue, it is sore for days! And it is like the back, you can’t keep it still, so when it is sore it hurts all the time. I can’t imagine having something stuck all the way through! OUCH! She has always said she wanted it done. Crazy girl-child. :o) She got a job at UPS and is making more money now. She bought a new car a couple of weeks ago, so now she has reliable transportation. She is working towards going back to college. For a 19 year old, she seems to have her head on fairly straight. Although there is the tongue-piercing thing. And the boyfriend who won’t work. But overall she is doing really good on her own, and I am very proud of her.

Changing my Diet

I have been struggling with my diet for the past several weeks. I started on 2/18 doing a raw food diet. I followed the plan in Alissa Cohen’s Raw and Living Food Diet book. The week started out pretty good, and then went quickly downhill to pure hell as my body went through a major detox. Prior to starting this diet I ate mainly carbs, fats, and sugar. I went to nothing but fresh vegetables and fruits. My body went into a major shock, and I was nauseous, had stomach cramps, and well, frankly I was a raving bitch. Ask Mark. You know how in the werewolf movie, when the person is turning into the werewolf and they have just that shred of humanity left, and they look at the person with them and they yell RUN!? Well, that was me. Literally. Ask Mark, or what’s left of him anyways. Because your loved one never runs when they should.

So I survived the first week, and I lost 8 pounds.

When I started feeling better, I felt so much better. I tried several different recipes in her book, and liked some, and didn’t like some. But I need some bread. I just have to have bread. I tried making several raw alternatives from the raw food book in the dehydrator, and they were all dismal failures. So I looked for a healthy alternative. I found a tortilla wrap at Rainbow Grocery made from Spelt, which I really like, and I added it to my diet, along with some organic flax seed crackers. I also added hummus to my diet. Alissa Cohen doesn’t recommend eating beans, but I love them, and I never have any digestive problems from them. Last week I ate hummus, lots of fruits and vegetables along with my wraps and crackers. I did very well until Friday, when we had a cake at work. So I decided, what can one little piece hurt? But you know, that piece of cake made me very sick. I enjoyed it at first, but then it started tasting way too rich, and I got very nauseous. Last night I had cheese at a friend’s house, and this morning I have an upset stomach. Which goes to show, in my mind anyway, that this stuff is not really good for me. I like eating the vegetables and fruit. I don’t like meat, so that is not hard to give up at all.

And this week I lost 3.5 pounds, for a total so far of 11.5 pounds. And I feel good!