Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Slaughtering the Japanese Language

I am taking a Japanese class at Millsaps (it's one of their adult enrichment classes). I am really enjoying it! Of course, I am probably murdering the language with my Southern drawl. LOL

Our teacher is also teaching us about Japanese customs. One of the differences between American and Japanese is the way the American thought processes and speech structures are self-centered, while the Japanese is centered around the other person. For example, when we say yes, we mean whatever is correct from our viewpoint. When the Japanese say yes, they mean the other person is correct. So if someone were to state, "You don't have something," the American would say "No I don't," whereas the Japanese would say, "Yes, you are correct." I find these differences very interesting.



Rissa said...

Good for you taking the class! :-)

Cyn said...

Nothing like picking an easy language! #2Son took two semesters (or was it just one??) and loved it.

Raven said...

That's neato! Here's some helpful journals that I love:

That one is Japanese, Croatian, and English all in one. :3

This one is just all kanji

neki desu said...

ohayo Lisa-san!

i'm on my second year of Japanese and i love it! Being the ever japanophile
i created this tag for my blog japanophilia which i use for all japanese related posts.check it out when you have time
ya sayonara

neki desu