Friday, February 09, 2007

Crewel Confidence and another dishcloth

I finished another dishcloth tonight. It is made out of Rose Pink Sugar & Cream. It has just a single knit stitch for the border, and it curls terribly. I figured it would, but that was how the pattern was written. I started to add two more stitches to each side, but I decided to knit it as per the instructions. Even though the edges curl, I still think it is pretty.

And, as promised, here is Crewel Confidence, all stretched out and purty! :o) I am so proud of myself for finishing on time. It was fun to stich, and I like Judy Jeroy's pieces. Since she is now the Crewel Mastercraftsman Program Chair, I'm looking forward to receiving her comments. :o)

My poor little pom, Honey Bear, jumped off the couch and hurt her back leg again. She has some knee problems, on top of which she is kinda overweight. So the poor baby has to go see Dr. Rumbavage tomorrow morning.

Isn't that just the sweetest little face?


Raven said...

Oh no! Poor little overweight Honey. ; ; I hope my sissy is ok!

And those dish clothes are looking great! Have you ever thought about looking into selling them?

Rissa said...

It is the sweetest looking face. Really! Poor baby...I hope she heals quickly. :-)

Crewel Confidence looks impeccable!