Wednesday, January 17, 2007

No ice

It appears we dodged the ice bullet. Our dew point is too low for ice, or so the weather dude tells me. I'm very glad. Cold is bad enough for my thin southern blood. I have been through a very bad ice storm in Natchez, and that was 16 years or so ago. It made a total mess of everything, and you know southerners do not understand how to deal with ice. Snow is bad enough - if we get two snowflakes to stick, we shut the whole city down! Schools close, government grinds to a halt, employees abandon businesses, we riot at the grocery stores, just nuts. But if you put a coat of ice on top of that, it is total chaos and destruction! So, I am really, really glad it is just freezing cold with no precipitation. And I feel very sorry for all those suffering from the bad winter storm up north of us.

Although, if it had been just a little icey or snowey so I could stay home and stitch, WITHOUT losing my electricity, I wouldn't have complained. :o)

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Cyn said...

That is the ONLY time when I care for snow... when one can stay inside, cozy and warm and just do whatever one wants to do while looking out at the pretty scenery.