Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Walking through the clouds

I just got back from my morning walk, and it is a beautiful, misty, magickal morning. There is a very dense fog around our pond. I took my glasses off because they were getting too wet to see through, and it made no difference. As I walked through the densest parts, I could feel the tiny water droplets floating in the air, prickling my face. I could hear the ducks quack-quacking, but I couldn't see them, and I couldn't even tell from which direction the sound was coming from. I have never experienced a cloud in such an intimate way before. Of course, we have had foggy mornings before, but I've never walked through one like this. It was very cool!


Rissa said...

Sounds like an excellent walk!

Cyn said...

While I *am* catching up on your blog, I did read this wond at the time you posted it, just forgot to say, the title made me think of a favorite movie: A Walk in the Clouds.