Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year's Weekend :o)

I have had another lovely start to another lovely holiday weekend! Again, we got off work early. And even better, I got to have lunch with Rissa, Cynthia, and Roger. I really enjoyed visiting with them. I wish Cynthia lived closer, and that we all had more time to spend together doing girlie stuff, stitching, knitting, and belly dancing. And they brought me presents, which was so sweet! I didn't have one for them, which made me feel bad. But I loved my presents, and I really appreciated them! Thank you!!! I love you guys!

I finished a sock this evening (see the post below). And now I have three whole days to spend stitching and/or knitting! I don't have to go anywhere like last weekend, so all the time is mine, mine, mine. :o)

We are replacing the flooring in the house, and the installers called this afternoon. They will be coming next Thursday and Friday to install the floor. We are putting down wood laminate stuff, and I am looking forward to getting all this dirty, nasty carpet up. Carpet doesn't do well with three dogs, a man, and teenagers tromping on it. Of course, the carpet is seven years old too. I love the look of wood floors, so I will be glad to get this done, even though it means totally tearing up and disrupting my nest. I really hate for my nest to be disturbed, it tends to make me very cranky. But it should only take them a couple of days, so hopefully I won't get too evil. Poor Mark, pray for him! LOL


Rissa said...

Good luck with the flooring. We went through the debates over the flooring when we were remodeling this house and the tile and slate won out, because of the dogs. I figure they are getting older and are more prone to accidents. LOL

I figure the carpet upstairs gets very little traffic and there was a bad spot where the floor dips in the studio and that made it NOT a good choice for wood floors.

Cyn said...

We are still debating the flooring issue post-Katrina. For now, just a spare piece of old carpeting centered in the living room. Have a happy new year with your new floor!