Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year's Eve!

Okay, my final post for 2006. I have had a very pleasant day, knitting on the mate to my Leaves of Grass sock. Did I mention I had to save it from Flea? I was so mad at her. During the night she got it off my table and dragged it under the bed. She took both needles out and chewed one of them up. I just wanted to beat her little butt, but dog's can look so sweet, pitiful, and innocent all at the same time. So I had to get my needles back into the sock, and when I did that I discovered a mistake, so I had to rip out the heel flap. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. But now I'm at the gusset decreases and making good progress.

I watched Wicker Man with Nicholas Cage in it last night. It was very suspenseful and kept my attention the whole way through, but the ending was bleh. It was a strange movie. I also have Celestine Prophecy to watch. I'll probably watch that in the morning.

We are going to Gwen and Danny's house tonight. I enjoy them and the group that gets together every Saturday night. So I'm looking forward to tonight. I hope everyone has a blessed and happy new year's eve!


Rissa said...

Happy New Year's to you too girl! :-)

Cyn said...

Happy Happy New Year! And just *what* are you doing on these Saturday nights, huh??suwqxz

Cyn said...

okay, girlie... I'm tired of reading your "last post for 2006. You better be ready to post DETAILS about the Japanese embroidery!