Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Holiday Weekend Fun

I love holiday weekends. It is such a treat to have extra time off from work. I have been stitching very hard on Summer Dream, a stumpwork course I am pilot-stitching for EGA. It is a beautiful piece, and I am enjoying it very much. It is a companion piece to Fantasy Remembered, which I am also working on. I'm running up against my deadline though. I need to be finished by next weekend. But even if I don't totally finish, I still have been able to make some (I hope) helpful comments in the text.

My weekend started off at 12:00 Friday, because we got half a day off on that day. Woo hoo! Then there was a goodie in the mail - the final kit of the 2006 Socks that Rock Club. And I got a bonus hank too! I have enjoyed receiving all the pretty kits to add to my collection. At some point, I do plan to knit them all! I am thinking about joining the 2007 STR club too. I am such a stasher. LOL

This is the yarn for the final kit, called Mustang Sally:

And this is the beautiful bonus hank that I got. Its called Rare Gem, and I love the colors!

And since I have some extra time this weekend, I wanted to post about the 2006 EGA seminar I went to back in October. I really meant to post about this earlier, but I just haven't had the energy. Life has been a tad difficult these past several months, with Mark's problems. He hasn't worked since the middle of September, actually his birthday 9/20, but he does seem to be getting better. But I don't want to post about depressing things, so how did I get sidetracked on that topic? On to seminar 2006!

We drove to Richmond VA from Jackson MS, and let me tell you, that was a LOOONNNGGGG ride! Cynthia and Rissa rode with me and Mark, and I am impressed that we got all our stuff in my car. It took a Master Packer (Rissa) and a Man (Mark), but we managed to get it all in without the Man getting hurt. Downtown Richmond was disappointing because it was as dirty and icky as downtown Jackson. I don't know why I expected it to be more than it was, I guess Richmond just conjurs Gentile South in my mind. But the rest of the town is gorgeous, and the hotel was nice. All the people I met were very nice too.

My classes were great! The first one was A Main Course with Jette Roy Finlay. She is just a lovely woman and a fantastic teacher. She is Danish, and the course was on Danish Whitework. Her husband was with her, and he was so funny. He is a professional magician, and he wowed us with some of his tricks. At the closing banquet, he went around with his little weasel puppet that he made look very real, and you could tell where he was by the screams that surrounded him. LOL

Here is my piece, just as I left it at the close of the class (you didn't expect me to actually work on it some more, did you?) ;o)

And here is a picuture of what it WILL look like one day:

My second class was a crewel class with Canby Robertson. She is a very good teacher too. Since this was a class for advanced stitchers, she gave us just a guideline on how she stitched her piece and encouraged us to follow our own instincts. She talked to us about design and balancing the picture, about colors, and that kind of stuff, all of which was very helpful to me. The piece is called Tide Line, and it is very pretty. Here is what I got done during the seminar:

I know, doesn't look like much progress for two days of stitching, does it? But let me tell you, those two little shells took lots of stitches! And you can't tell from the photo, but the little white one puffs out. I like him. :o) Here is what it will look like one day:

Pretty, isn't it? And the best thing about this class is Canby made me feel like I could go out in my back yard, draw something, and turn it into a realistic crewel embroidery piece. It was a wonderful class, and she is a wonderful teacher!

I had such a good time, I went ahead and pre-registered for next year, in Chicago. I don't believe we will be driving though! LOL

Now, back to stitching on Summer Dream....

I hope everyone has a good holiday weekend!


Rissa said...

Now I am going to expect you to go into your back yard and sketch something! :-D We really need to get together for sketch-n-kvetch.

Cyn said...

I can't wait to see your progress over the Spring. Worse part of Richmond was that we just didn't get to spend enough time together!

Maria del Valle said...

Dear Friend

I really like your knit, I read the love for animals, your embroidery, crewel, and I will continue reading your blog, and enjoy it.
I come to you through your blog link, in the group yahoo hand -embroidery.
Thank you for being as you are.

From Alicante Spain

Maria del Valle