Monday, October 02, 2006


Mark and I took a beginning hand building pottery class Saturday, from Robert Pickenpaugh, who is a very talented local potter in Madison. It was absolutely great!! I had such a good time. It was an all day class, and I made a bunch of stuff - some wall plaques, some ornaments, stamps, an owl, a fish, and a pot. I can't wait to get them back. He keeps them while they dry and then he fires them for us. I want to take the next class, and I would even take that class again. I'm going to purchase some clay from him and make some more stuff. He named a couple of local ceramic shops that would fire them for me. Mark seemed to really enjoy it too. That's the first time we have ever got to do something like that together. I enjoyed taking the class with him.

We have had some lovely weather this weekend. Today is going to be hot though, with 90's through the rest of the week. Back to normal for Mississippi!

I worked on my Leaves of Grass socks this weekend. I have one of the cuffs done, and now I'm working on the second cuff. I'm using double points. I've discovered that I can't use magic loop with all yarns, some of them are too twisty for the way I knit. I have to be able to let the yarn untwist, or it gets really thin. That may be why I don't want to work on Mark's socks, or one of the reasons (the other reasons being that they are HUGE and black). The yarn is really twisted and icky to work with now. I think I'll take them off the circular needle and get them on double points. The new October socks for the Six Sox Knitalong are absolutely beautiful! I am going to have to do them. They are toe up and fair isle, neither of which I have ever done (successfully). So this will be a learning experience too.

As far as needlework, I'm stuck on my Casalguidi purse. I have to buttonhole stitch around the edge of my leaf, and I can't get it to look right. I remember there was some discussion on the group about what the buttonhole stitch really was, and I know Rissa has some good instructions on her blog, so I'll have to look that info up tonight.

I must go get ready for work now. I'm determined to have a good Monday!


Anonymous said...

Buttonhole stitch: Maybe Marion Scoular wouldn't agree, but I think there's a difference between buttonhole/blanket on counted fabric vs. non-counted; maybe that's where the name of the stitch discussion comes from. Just my personal opinion.
Try this webpage:
--Lynn in southern NJ

Rissa said...

In Casalguidi, the button hole stitch, as in the detached buttonhole stitch is the blanket top knot. :-)

I am glad that Mark went with you and that you all enjoyed the class. I used to be all about ceramics! I was way more interested in hand-building than I was in the wheel. I had access to a kiln the whole time I was in Georgia. It really is fun to work in three dimensions!