Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Mark decided he needed new shoes to wear to the banquets at the EGA seminar, so he talked me into going to look at the shoes he wanted to get. So off we went to the Shoe Department, so he could get his shoes. Well, I quickly got tired of looking at men's shoes (bor-ring!!!!), and headed to the women's shoes, just to browse of course.

And it was love at first site!! I got me some pretty, sexy, sparkly shoes to wear with one of my banquet outfits. They are Mootsie Tootsies (I just love that name! LOL).

Aren't they just the cutest things?? I'm going to have to do the toes in honor of these shoes! :o)

Then I couldn't stop there; after all, I have a second banquet to dress for. Rissa, I'm on a roll, are you proud of me?

I'm a-thinking these sassy shoes look good with jeans too! But first they have to sashay me to the second banquet, then they get to kick it with the blue jeans.

But my feet aren't the only ones in the household. I have some princess puppy feet; these feet belong to the Queen of the house:

Then there are the furry feet, belonging to the Monk-dog (as in neurotic) of the family:

This foot belongs to a canine Flea, so named because she is little, black, jumps around, and gets on everyone's nerves, especially the Monk-dog:

And yes, folks, Big Foot is real, and he lives with me:

The dogs really enjoyed the feet pictures. They always think its great when Mom gets down in the floor, within easy licking distance. :o)


karin said...

I love your new shoes! And your cute feet pictures. :D

Cyn said...

Me, too!
I've been bad: haven't broken in my spiffy black sandals yet. I know my feet are going to hurt after the banquet.
Another day out and about, and I still didn't get my pedicure. :(

Rissa said...

I especially love the clogs...and I am just so proud of you! LOL I have way too many shoes, including some I have never worn.

Plus, I love all the feets pictures. :-)