Sunday, October 15, 2006

5 Weird Things About Me

Rissa put 5 weird things about her on her blog, and then she tagged me. So here are 5 weird things about me:

1. I have a fish phobia, which I have partially gotten over, sort of. I used to be totally terrified of fish. I couldn't be around aquariums, or be in the water with them, or eat them. Mark swears I can walk on water, because we were in chest high water once, and I saw a fish near me, and I was out of the water and on the bank before he knew what happened. I am now okay with aquariums, but I haven't tested the part about being in the water with them. And I still can't eat fish.

Okay, I'm trying to think of more weird things, but I can't. I'm really the only normal person I know. Maybe I should ask Mark for some suggestions. I bet he can think of some weird things about me.

Okay, here we go, I thought of a few more.

2. I rooted for the Aliens in the movie Alien versus Predator. That really disturbed Katie's son. I don't know why that disturbed him, but he still talks about that, in a very concerned voice. But think about it...the Predators had enslaved the Aliens, and hunted them down for fun. They had the poor little queen chained up. That is just wrong. Poor little Aliens. So, yeah, I wanted the Aliens to wup the Predator's ass. And eat some humans along the way. Go Aliens!! Poor little abused and misunderstood guys.

3. I hate sappy, sweet, girlie love stories. Give me a gory, blood-and-guts creature feature any old day. I want to see death, destruction, and chaos. Jaws is one of my favorite movies. And yes, I rooted for the shark. Poor little guy. I also love Alien and Aliens, with Aliens being my favorite. The other Alien movies after that were just dumb.

4. I am a sucker for the Sci-Fi channel's horror movies. You know, the ones they premiere on Saturday night and then release to video. I always have high hopes for them, every time. And they are always so dumb. Well, usually they are dumb. Dog Soldiers and Komodo were very good Sci-Fi channel movies. But the rest of them are dumb. And I tune in every Saturday night, hoping for the best.

5. A couple of years ago the Soap channel was rerunning Ryan's Hope from the 70's, and I secretly watched it. They showed 5 hours worth early Sunday morning, and I would sneak up out of bed to watch it, hoping Mark wouldn't wake up and catch me.

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Rissa said...

Soaps? Now that *is* weird! Just are pretty much normal. :-D