Mark decided he needed new shoes to wear to the banquets at the EGA seminar, so he talked me into going to look at the shoes he wanted to get. So off we went to the Shoe Department, so he could get his shoes. Well, I quickly got tired of looking at men’s shoes (bor-ring!!!!), and headed to the women’s shoes, just to browse of course.

And it was love at first site!! I got me some pretty, sexy, sparkly shoes to wear with one of my banquet outfits. They are Mootsie Tootsies (I just love that name! LOL).

Aren’t they just the cutest things?? I’m going to have to do the toes in honor of these shoes! :o)

Then I couldn’t stop there; after all, I have a second banquet to dress for. Rissa, I’m on a roll, are you proud of me?

I’m a-thinking these sassy shoes look good with jeans too! But first they have to sashay me to the second banquet, then they get to kick it with the blue jeans.

But my feet aren’t the only ones in the household. I have some princess puppy feet; these feet belong to the Queen of the house:

Then there are the furry feet, belonging to the Monk-dog (as in neurotic) of the family:

This foot belongs to a canine Flea, so named because she is little, black, jumps around, and gets on everyone’s nerves, especially the Monk-dog:

And yes, folks, Big Foot is real, and he lives with me:

The dogs really enjoyed the feet pictures. They always think its great when Mom gets down in the floor, within easy licking distance. :o)

We got lots and lots of rain yesterday. I’m not complaining at all, because we desperately needed it. Then last night it stormed, hard enough to scare my dogs. The storm didn’t wake me up, but my dogs barking and climbing all over me did. LOL Now this morning its back to muggy. It is so humid outside right now, I feel like I can’t breathe.

I got my master craftsman piece back yesterday. It did not pass. I couldn’t understand the basis for some of the comments either, such as my complementary scheme lacked imagination, and my colors were not balanced. Then they commented that I should have used another color for the tendrils. Well, I emailed the chairperson and asked her if I could use any other colors, or if the two colors were all I was allowed to use, and all she said was to follow the directions. So that kinda pissed me off, to be told that I should have used a third color. They also criticized the direction of my stitches. Well, that is the way I saw the flower. I’m not sure if I will redo it or not. Obviously, my tastes and imagination don’t suit them. I like my piece. I don’t know if I want to put time and energy into something to please someone else, and not me. I think right now I’m better off stitching for my pleasure and tastes.

I got something nice in the mail too. The October Opal kit. The colors are very pretty, peaches and browns. I just love getting sock kits! :o)

5 Weird Things About Me

Rissa put 5 weird things about her on her blog, and then she tagged me. So here are 5 weird things about me:

1. I have a fish phobia, which I have partially gotten over, sort of. I used to be totally terrified of fish. I couldn’t be around aquariums, or be in the water with them, or eat them. Mark swears I can walk on water, because we were in chest high water once, and I saw a fish near me, and I was out of the water and on the bank before he knew what happened. I am now okay with aquariums, but I haven’t tested the part about being in the water with them. And I still can’t eat fish.

Okay, I’m trying to think of more weird things, but I can’t. I’m really the only normal person I know. Maybe I should ask Mark for some suggestions. I bet he can think of some weird things about me.

Okay, here we go, I thought of a few more.

2. I rooted for the Aliens in the movie Alien versus Predator. That really disturbed Katie’s son. I don’t know why that disturbed him, but he still talks about that, in a very concerned voice. But think about it…the Predators had enslaved the Aliens, and hunted them down for fun. They had the poor little queen chained up. That is just wrong. Poor little Aliens. So, yeah, I wanted the Aliens to wup the Predator’s ass. And eat some humans along the way. Go Aliens!! Poor little abused and misunderstood guys.

3. I hate sappy, sweet, girlie love stories. Give me a gory, blood-and-guts creature feature any old day. I want to see death, destruction, and chaos. Jaws is one of my favorite movies. And yes, I rooted for the shark. Poor little guy. I also love Alien and Aliens, with Aliens being my favorite. The other Alien movies after that were just dumb.

4. I am a sucker for the Sci-Fi channel’s horror movies. You know, the ones they premiere on Saturday night and then release to video. I always have high hopes for them, every time. And they are always so dumb. Well, usually they are dumb. Dog Soldiers and Komodo were very good Sci-Fi channel movies. But the rest of them are dumb. And I tune in every Saturday night, hoping for the best.

5. A couple of years ago the Soap channel was rerunning Ryan’s Hope from the 70’s, and I secretly watched it. They showed 5 hours worth early Sunday morning, and I would sneak up out of bed to watch it, hoping Mark wouldn’t wake up and catch me.

Pictures and thoughts

Oops, two weeks since I updated my blog. It has been a long two weeks too. More on that later, but only if you want to read it. Pictures first, because they are worth a thousand words. :o)

I ordered some qiviek, which is musk ox yarn. It is so soft! And expensive! But I wanted to experience this yarn, so I bought some. Musk ox are so cute. They are closer to sheep than oxen or cows, and they are arctic animals. You comb the undercoat when they start shedding rather than shear them.

Wild Fibers is a very cool magazine too. They have articles on all kinds of fibers and everything related to fibers. I am going to subscribe to it. Their web site is www.wildfibersmagazine.com if you are interested. I am a member of the Artic Lace knitalong blog at articlaceknitalong.blogspot.com (I wish I knew how to make links on my blog, but I just haven’t taken the time to figure that out yet). I have the book Artic Lace, which is a very interesting book about the Eskimo knitters who work with qiviuk. I recommend it highly.

I have been working on my Leaves of Grass Socks. I am down to the heels on both of them. I think the pattern has turned out very pretty. I knitted them without having a picture as part of the Mystery Sock Knitalong (mysterysock.blogspot.com). To watch the pattern unfold before my eyes without knowing what it should look like was fun. The yarn is Knit Picks Parade in the daffodil color.

Here is a closeup of the pattern:

Six Socks Knitalong has a two color pattern for the October/November sock. It is so pretty. So I started that one. The pink is Opal, and the variegated is Sock It To Me. Both yarns are soooo soft.


Isn’t that just the cutest little sock embryo you’ve ever seen? This pattern is done toe up with a figure 8 cast on. Once I got the hang of it, the cast on wasn’t that hard either. I’ve only attempted toe up once before, and I wasn’t happy with it. I’ve also never done intarsia before. So this is going to be a major learning event. We shall see how this turns out.

Okay, that’s the end of the pictures. Now come the thoughts, and they aren’t as fun as the pictures, so be forewarned. It has been kinda miserable these past two weeks. I just haven’t had much time for the things I love, because Mark has been so needy. I must confess, he is driving me nuts, and that makes me feel very guilty. He has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome and general anxiety disorder, and he started out-patient counseling at Psychamore last Monday. When I get home from work, he wants to tell me all the things they talked about during the day, and he wants to tell me all his feelings, and it is like a dark depressing cloud just descends on me. I never knew how difficult coping with a depressed loved one could be. This is just as hard as when I was battling my own bouts of depression, in fact, it threatens to bring back my depression. I just don’t know what to say to him. I guess he just needs someone to listen, so that is what I do. He’s fishing now, and I am so glad he is out of the house. That makes me sound like a terrible person, doesn’t it? I feel so selfish and mean when I feel like that. But I just need a little space, a little down time for myself. I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Yesterday was a great day. We had our embroidery meeting, and I worked on the Crewel Confidence GCC. I really am close to being finished. I might try to finish it this week. I also need to do my seminar prework, which is just about an hour’s worth of basting. I’ll get that done today. Then we went to Hudson’s, because Rissa told me they had pretty red dresses in my size. Since all I haven’t even LOOKED for a dress prior to yesterday, and seminar is in one week, I figured I should go check them out. Well, here is a personal truth, I HATE shopping for clothes because I HATE my body. It just depresses me to look at clothes that look bad on me. So I went in to Hudson’s, looked at a couple of dresses that were for size 10 and 12, and gave up. Typical me. But Rissa came to my rescue, and found several absolutely stunning dresses in my size. One was really, really pretty, but left all my upper shoulders and chest bare, which meant fat hanging out, and I was just not comfortable in it. Then she found two more that I felt more comfortable in, and they are very sexy and pretty. Even more amazing, I FELT sexy and pretty. :o) So I bought them both. Then I asked her to help me find some tops for work. I get to wear jeans, and all I wear are tshirts and big tent shirts, which although they make me feel hidden, really do look hideous. Yes, I know that, but its all about how they make me feel. So Rissa helped me find some really pretty, sexy tops. They are beaded and sparkley, and really pretty. I’m very excited by them all. She should be a professional personal shopper!!!

One week to seminar! I am so excited. Last year was such fun. I haven’t even looked at my projects from last year, much less finished them, but it was great. So I’m sure this seminar will be a great experience too. We are driving to Richmond, which I am not looking forward to – 14 hours in a car – ugh! But it will be worth it. Plus, I’ve never been to Richmond before, so I am looking foward to seeing it too. I will miss my furbabies though. Megan is coming home to puppy-and-cat-sit. One of her friends has already called looking for her! LOL She is such a little social thing. I know all her friends have missed her, and will be glad to see her. I just hate that I won’t get to see her. :o(


Mark and I took a beginning hand building pottery class Saturday, from Robert Pickenpaugh, who is a very talented local potter in Madison. It was absolutely great!! I had such a good time. It was an all day class, and I made a bunch of stuff – some wall plaques, some ornaments, stamps, an owl, a fish, and a pot. I can’t wait to get them back. He keeps them while they dry and then he fires them for us. I want to take the next class, and I would even take that class again. I’m going to purchase some clay from him and make some more stuff. He named a couple of local ceramic shops that would fire them for me. Mark seemed to really enjoy it too. That’s the first time we have ever got to do something like that together. I enjoyed taking the class with him.

We have had some lovely weather this weekend. Today is going to be hot though, with 90’s through the rest of the week. Back to normal for Mississippi!

I worked on my Leaves of Grass socks this weekend. I have one of the cuffs done, and now I’m working on the second cuff. I’m using double points. I’ve discovered that I can’t use magic loop with all yarns, some of them are too twisty for the way I knit. I have to be able to let the yarn untwist, or it gets really thin. That may be why I don’t want to work on Mark’s socks, or one of the reasons (the other reasons being that they are HUGE and black). The yarn is really twisted and icky to work with now. I think I’ll take them off the circular needle and get them on double points. The new October socks for the Six Sox Knitalong are absolutely beautiful! I am going to have to do them. They are toe up and fair isle, neither of which I have ever done (successfully). So this will be a learning experience too.

As far as needlework, I’m stuck on my Casalguidi purse. I have to buttonhole stitch around the edge of my leaf, and I can’t get it to look right. I remember there was some discussion on the group about what the buttonhole stitch really was, and I know Rissa has some good instructions on her blog, so I’ll have to look that info up tonight.

I must go get ready for work now. I’m determined to have a good Monday!