Monday, September 04, 2006

Wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

I have had a wonderful weekend. I stitched and knitted to my heart's content, on whatever project took my fancy.

I worked on a couple of pairs of socks. First is the Aran Braid Socks. I'm knitting them with the magic needle method. I started these a couple of months ago, and didn't make much progress. I knitted a couple of pattern repeats this weekend.

I am participating in a Mystery Sock KAL. I had to find a pattern WITHOUT a picture, and knit it. I found one called Leaves of Grass. I have no idea what the pattern is going to look like, so this is fun. It is actually written as an anklet, with just ribbing on the leg, and then a pattern across the instep. I'm changing it - I'm going to make it longer and put the pattern on the leg also. I cast on and got the ribbing done for both socks. I like to knit both at the same time, because Second Sock Syndrome is just a killer for me!

And I worked on 2 dishcloths. The first one is for the Monthly Dishcloth KAL mystery. We don't know what that one is until we are finished, and we only get about 7 rows each day. It is a lot of fun! I tried to upload a picture of that one, but for some reason it won't upload. The second dishcloth I worked on is this one. Its called Swish with a Twist, and its from my new KAL group, Dishcloth Fun. I like this pattern.

And my crowning achievement for the weekend - I finished stitching my first step for the Crewel Master Craftsman program! I'm so excited and proud of myself! Now I have to get it stretched on the bars. I've never done that before, so that will be a new experience. But here it is! :o)

Okay, I'm off to bed to get up and go to work in the morning.


Rissa said...

Woo hoo! Go Lisa, go Lisa! I am so impressed, you got so much done. I need to follow your example. :-)

Cyn said...

What a busy little girl you were! I'm impressed with all you accomplished. And your MC piece is stunning!