Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday morning grumblings

I wish Mississippi had a really good needlework shop. I haven't found one yet. We have Joy's here in Flowood, but she is really, really limited. She has a smidge of knitting stuff, a little bit of embroidery, mostly leaning to cross-stitch, and a dab of needlepoint things. I went in yesterday to buy size 1 double point needles, and she didn't have any. I was so disappointed. It seems like she never has what I need. Needlearts in Natchez has more things, but honestly, they don't seem to know much about embroidery. Plus they treated my friend Rissa very shabbily, so they are on my shit list. I long for a needlework shop like Silver Needle in Oklahoma, or even better, A Needle in a Haystack in California. Now, those are cool shops! They have lots and lots of stuff, and classes, and neat things going on. If I had the money, I would open a shop like that. Not just one with stuff, but I would like to have classes, stitch alongs, group projects, cool stuff like that. Oh well, I'm just stuck ordering online.

Poor Mark, if he doesn't quit his job soon, I'm going to quit for him. He is stuck in a Mazzio's Pizza restaurant that he has been managing for 13 years now. It is in a part of Jackson that used to be nice, but that is now really, really bad. The only people left in that part of town are mostly poor, and very angry. They are always looking for a way to get something for nothing, and have no conscience when it comes to stealing. Mark has personally been robbed twice at gunpoint, had his truck shot, the store has been broken into numerous times, and they have an armed guard at night. Yes, AN ARMED GUARD in a family pizza restaurant. Need I say more? This is not a bank, folks. This is a fairly inexpensive pizza place. Crazy? Most definitely. Most restaurants, including a McDonald's, have closed up and left. They haven't shut this Mazzio's down yet because, thanks to Mark's amazing managerial skills, this restaurant still makes a profit. But it is taking a horrible toll on him, mentally, emotionally, and physically. He really hates the people in that area. I don't mean a dislike like you and I would feel for someone, but a deep hatred, one that makes him break out in a sweat in a cold room. I fear for his health. I actually typed up his resignation letter for him this morning. If he doesn't give it to them Monday, I'm faxing it for him. I have every confidence he can find another job. We have each other, and we can survive anything together.

I will leave this post on a happier note - today Mississippi Needlearts meets! I really enjoy our guild meetings. I enjoy the company of other stitchers, and looking at what we are all working on. I get to bring my MC piece to share. Then I have to figure out how to get it stretched so I can mail it in. I am looking forward to seeing Rissa and Cynthia especially, and dinner tonight!


Cyn said...

1. I know it's not Jackson, but maybe Theresa's new shop in H'burg will fit the bill. Of course, I haven't managed to find it yet, but neither have I taken time to call her for directions. And, of course, you have the "Emporium" at seminar to look forward to. :)
2. There's not much worse than a husband who is unhappy at work. I hope things work out soon.
3. Your MC piece is BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad I had a chance to see it in person.
Dinner was so nice--good choice! Oh, surprisingly, you didn't miss much at Hudson's!

Rissa said...

I am glad we got to see you and your project. Cynthia are sitting on the sofa watching Andromeda and farting around on our laptops. LOL

I wish that you could be over here too!

One day, we have to open our own shop. ;-)