Monday, September 11, 2006

Merry Monday Morning

Mississippi Needlearts met Saturday. It was very enjoyable, and we managed to have 5 people present so we could appoint our nominating committe. This was very important, since without that happening we would be unable to have nominations for president and vice president. And without that, our chapter would have been finished, since Rissa can't serve as president again according to our bylaws. Even though we could have continued on as a subgroup of CyberStitchers, it would have been sad to lose our chapter. Rissa and Cynthia and the others who were there since the beginning worked too hard for that.

I finished Lesson 3 for the Crewel Confidence GCC. Just 1 lesson left!

The three little round flowers with yellow centers and the two leaves with them are made with detached buttonhole stitch. They were fun to make. The yellow centers are french knots, and they were a pain to make. :o) My french knots are not consistent. One out of five will be very pretty. I use french knots a lot in my stitching, though. You think I would be better at making them.

These little flowers were my favorite to make. They are whipped spider stitch, and I love the way this stitch looks. The colors blend together nicely too.

Yesterday Mark, Cynthia, and I went to Pagan Pride Day to hear Dr. Dan Capper speak. He is a religion professer at USM, and he practices Tibetan Buddhism. He spoke on religious diversity in the United States, which we don't see too much of here in Mississippi. It was a very interesting talk. Then the audience started talking about all the trouble they had experienced from coming out of the broom closet, which although true, I wasn't interested in hearing about. I would have liked to stay for the drumming and ritual too, but poor Mark's ankles were hurting him from the long day he had on Saturday.

I am starting my (starvation) diet today. I really would like to drop 30 pounds by the time seminar is here. Mainly because I want to buy a pretty red dress, and that is hard to find in the size I am in right now. I am planning on going to water aerobics this afternoon too, provided we don't get an afternoon thunder-shower.

I am off to work now. I am determined to have a GOOD Monday. :o)


Cyn said...

Lisa, Dan isn't a Tibetan monk. ;) He does practice Tibetan Buddhism. If you edit your entry, feel free to delete this comment. :) I'll post another one with other comments.

Cyn said...

Your crewel pieces are coming along so nicely. You really should be sure to bring them to seminar and show Judy. There is this wonderful feeling that I know *I* get when I see someone has stitched my designs. As for French Knots, I will try to bring some information I got years ago about them that might help. And I'm sure Rissa would have some advice. I did a piece of canvas work that has big sections that are only FK! (I love whipped spiders stitch, too!)
Good luck with your dieting efforts, but you probably don't have to starve yourself. Eating regularly is better (but you know that). We don't want you sick! It's too close to time for National.

Lisa said...

Thanks for correcting me! :o) I either didn't hear him correctly or I didn't remember correctly, because I thought I heard him say he was a Tibetan monk. I edited my post. I appreciate you keeping me straight! Believe me, I need all the help I can get. LOL

Rissa said...

Diets are BAD...evil...especially the starvation kind. :-( I can fit into my 14W red dress, well except for my breastes! LOL

Your work looks good...if you want to learn my French Knot tricks, just remind me. Seriously!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, The crewelwork looks great! YAY, Lisa! I'd like to see it f2f also someday. FK can be so fiddeley, can't they? I did Mr. Fish's eye in whipped spider, using #1 gold and it was perfect too!
Dieting: okay, I'm gonna join the chorus---no, not starvation diet please; I -know- you're frustrated (been there, and am right now) but my doctor tells me 1 or 2 pounds a week is healthy and no more. It took me 1 year to lose 50 pounds that way via WeightWatchers and yes it was slow but I felt good throughout. Please reconsider?
Lynn in southern NJ