Thursday, September 28, 2006

It is going to be a beautiful day!

It's just not fair. Days like today should be declared holidays, since we don't have very many of them. It is starting out in the 60's, and it is going to be in the low 70's, and then tonight will go down to the 40's. Perfect weather! We have maybe six days like this, three in the spring and three in the fall. What a waste to be trapped inside at work! I will have to go to the park for lunch, and soak in this wonderful weather. Mark, the lucky guy, is going fishing. I am so jealous! Not of the fishing, for we all know how I feel about that, and for those of us who don't know, well, that is another story. But of the fact that he gets to be outside relaxing.

I want to add a comment about Needle in a Haystack. I think they are a wonderful shop. I ordered some linen twill from them, and told the girl I talked to that I wanted off-white, not stark white. Well, I got "Natural" which is brown! Ugh! So I called, and I didn't expect that they would take it back because it is cut. Not only will they let me mail it back, they are sending me another piece without making me pay for it, before I send this back! I am very happy with them, and will probably be ordering all my stuff from them. Of course, I still want my own shop, to be used as my personal stash. :o)


Rissa said...
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Rissa said...

Blogger must be mad at me...I am having a hard time leaving comments this morning! I am glad they are taking it back, but I would have bought it from you. I like the tea colored crewel twill. :-) Needle in a Haystack is a wonderful store.

Cyn said...

Good for them! and good for you! I wish Joy's would have taken back the canvas for which they did not have the stretcher bars I needed nor thread which matched. Oh, well. :) Maybe I should email Gloria and ask her to see if anyone at JS wants to buy it. Hope you enjoyed lunch 'al fresco.'

Anonymous said...

You're right...that kind of weather is NO FAIR on a weekday!
I like Needle in a Haystack also; I had a chance to visit their store a year ago...very nice place! That's great that they'd take it back and exchange.
Lynn in southern NJ