Saturday, August 26, 2006

July Monthly Dishcloth

I finished the July KAL dishcloth - Dolly Dophin last night. I did it in purple. I like the waves, and they were fun to knit too. Not a good picture, I know.

I finished it while watching The Hills Have Eyes. It was so-so, acutally not so good. I am about ready to give up on horror movies. I love horror, but the movies they are making today are such disappointments. I watched Silent Hill Wednesday night. It was weird, but it held my attention, and it wasn't stupid like The Hills Have Eyes. I always have high hopes when I see previews, but usually the movies suck. I guess they put the best parts in the previews! And I am a total sucker for Sci-Fi channel movies, but they are usually so dumb. The best Sci-Fi channel movies are Dog Soldiers (my very favorite!) and Komodo. Both of those are good, in my opinion, and I have watched them a couple of times.

I have six days before the next dishcloth KAL starts, so I cast on for the September 2005 dishcloth. Its an apple, and I'm doing it in red. I divided up the rows, and plan to finish it on 8/31. Go me! I like knitting dishcloths, they are almost instant satisfaction. LOL

I'm going over to Rissa's to stitch this afternoon. There is nothing better than an afternoon of stitching with a very good friend. :o) I'll be working on my master craftsman project, because I am determined to get it finished and sent off for judging.

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Cyn said...

Oh, How I envy you both! BUT, I am also thrilled that you have each other to stitch with. :D