Saturday, August 26, 2006

Better picture!

Rissa helped me with my camera woes this afternoon. What I have isn't a camera, but a camcorder - tells you how digital-experienced I am! LOL It doesn't have a flash, so that's why my pictures inside are turning out so crummy. She also showed me how to set it for close up pictures. But even better than that, she gave me her old digital camera, and it works beautifully! Thanks to Rissa, I can now take good, clear pictures! :o)

Here is a much better picture of Dolly the Dolphin -

I had a very enjoyable stitching afternoon. And now it is raining, thank goodness. We need the rain soooooo bad. Rissa has two adorable little dachsunds, and my girls sniffed me all over. They find the boys' scent VERY intriguing. LOL Of course, the first thing one of her dachsunds, Louie, did was sniff in my purse, because the last time I was at her house he found cookies in there. He has a very good memory for cookies! LOL


Rissa said...

Those silly dogs! I am glad that you can use it...and that I could show you how in person since I can't find any of the manuals or box or accesories. LOL

Cyn said...

The dishcloth is lovely. I bet it would be pretty to make the whole interior area in the lacy pattern.